Air, water of the future !

Air Water Africa is one of the brands of the HBIE group.
Its mission is to propose an innovative, ecological, economic and ethical solution.
Indeed, our solutions make it possible to create drinking water from the air.

By establishing itself in a sustainable way on the African continent, Air Water Africa wishes among other things to allow the most deprived populations, in partnership with international donors, to have access to clean and healthy water.

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Our solutions

Air Water Africa offers solutions for pure, potable, healthy and pH neutral water. Our two main technologies are based on atmospheric condensation and reverse osmosis systems.

Our solutions are sustainable and ecological, they meet the needs of private individuals, industrialists, hoteliers, the tertiary sector, the health sector, the agricultural sector, etc…

ATMO technology:


The creation cycle of our water is broken down into 6 steps:


Suction of humidity from the ambient air using a ventilation system.


Condensation thanks to a refrigerating gas, the collected humidity changes state to become liquid.


Treatment via a UV system to avoid the proliferation of any bacteria.


Filtration through a series of filters to obtain 99.9% pure water.


Mineralization of the water providing all the essential nutrients for human consumption.


Dual use which allows you to have hot or cold water according to your desires


With our ATMO range discover our technology which produces drinking water from the humidity of the air using the natural process of condensation and a suite of suitable filters. Our fountains can generate 20 to 10,000 liters of drinking water each day depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.
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If you have a non-potable water source, such as rainwater, salt water, standing water or gray water, we have a HYDRO solution for you. This allows you, thanks to its reverse osmosis system, to treat this water and make it drinkable and healthy for human or medical consumption.
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With our SUMO range, we meet your water needs greater than 10,000l / 24h. This solution can be used for industrial bottling, off-grid water access or humanitarian projects. With SUMO, we support you from the reflection of your project until its implementation.
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AWA in 3 words

Ethics: AWA contributes to improving the quality of life of the poorest
populations, by allowing them access to drinking water even in remote or
conflict-affected areas.


Ecological: our solutions are inspired by nature by playing on the different
states of water. Thanks to our fountains, we provide environmentally friendly
water, proving that there is no need to pump in nature reserves or encourage
plastic containers to provide safe water to as many people as possible.


Economical: From a consumption of 3 liters per day, our fountains are of real
economic interest to you. Indeed, with an average lifespan of 10 years, our
systems allow you to consume quality water while saving money.


In Africa: We are present on the African continent with 5 showrooms, located in each sub-Saharan economic community.


With Africa: In our deployment, we systematically integrate African companies. At Air Water Africa our partners are Ivorian, Senegalese, Cameroonian, Kenyan and Mauritian, they take care of distribution and associated services.


For Africa: This is our primary commitment. If our deployment is African, it is to help the continent to develop by offering an ethical, ecological and economic solution.

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