About us

Our enterprise

Air Water Africa was born out of a desire to share access to quality drinking water to
as many people as possible while respecting biodiversity.
Today, AWA is a French company belonging to the HBIE group. We are based in
different countries in sub-Saharan Africa. To fulfill our mission, we rely on a range of
atmospheric fountains that produce drinking water from ambient air using a natural
process of condensation.

Our engagement

Air Water Africa is first and foremost ecological solutions. They are inspired by nature
by playing on the different states of water. Through our fountains, we provide
environmentally friendly water, proving that you don't have to tap into nature reserves
or encourage plastic containers to provide safe water.
Our vision is pro-African. In our deployment, we systematically integrate local
companies. At Air Water Africa, our partners are Ivorian, Senegalese, Cameroonian,
Kenyan and Mauritian, they take care of distribution and associated services.
Finally, our commitment is to provide the African populations with solutions allowing the continent to develop in an ethical and ecological way.

AWA for all

Whether you are an individual or a professional, our fountains are for you.
Whatever your water needs, we have a suitable solution: irrigate your crops, optimize
your water consumption, allow healthcare centers to secure their access to water …
Whether you are in the city or in more remote areas and regardless of the amount of
water consumed daily, you will find the right answer from AWA.
Air Water Africa offers solutions to provide you with pure, potable, healthy water with
neutral pH. It is now possible to share this wealth, while respecting the environment.

Our solutions

We have developed two product lines ATMO and HYDRO, one based on
atmospheric condensation, the other on a reverse osmosis system. Our solutions
allow you to produce 20 to 10,000 liters of drinking water per 24 hours. We thus meet
different categories of needs. Our systems are plug and play: all you need is one
source of power to make it work.
For the ATMO L5000 and ATMO XL10 fountains, we suggest coupling them to a
solar solution in order to optimize your energy costs and allow populations without
access to electricity to obtain drinking water.

Our technology

Our technology is inspired by nature and its condensation system. Here is how it
The air is sucked in by a fan. This air is filtered, allowing all polluting particles to be
removed. Then, it is condensed by the action of the cold to change state and become
liquid. This created water begins to be purified by ultraviolet rays, which eliminates
any bacteria. Then, a complex filtration system results in fine and 99% pure water.
Thanks to the action of zeolite, our water is loaded with nutrients essential for human
consumption. All you have to do is have fresh (7 °) or hot (84 °) water as you wish.